Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a psychoeducational assessment cost?

The fee for a standard assessment is $2925.00. A higher fee may be negotiated for more complex assessments (e.g., neuropsychological assessments).

Are the fees covered by MSP?

No. Extended health benefits typically cover a portion of the assessment. We encourage clients to contact their insurance provider prior to the assessment for more information.

What should I tell my child about the assessment?

We encourage an honest, age-appropriate response that includes a discussion of the purpose of the assessment, which is to make sure that all of the adults (parents, educators, other professionals) are able to provide the best support for his or her learning. We de-emphasize the concept of testing and focus on learning about strengths and struggles.

If I get a psychoeducational assessment, will my child will get help at school?

Psychoeds are designed to provide a document to help advocate for the support a student needs. However, whether your child receives help and what type of help he or she receives depends on the results of the assessment and the decisions of the school and district. As part of the assessment, our clinicians are happy to be a part of the advocacy process.

I think my child might have ADHD/ADD. Do you test for that?

Yes, this is one component of our assessments.

How do I refer someone for a psychoeducational assessment?

Anybody can be referred for a psychoed simply by calling the clinic. You do not require a physician’s referral.

Do you assess and diagnose autism (autism spectrum disorder)?

While many of us work with individuals on the autism spectrum, we do not offer the specialized diagnostic assessment for autism.